Unit X Festival 2017

The Unit X Festival is a week of pop-up exhibitions in May showing the work of some of the best up and coming Artists, Designers, Filmmakers and Photographers from across Manchester School of Art. Our Level 4, 5 and 6 Art Theory and Practice students all contributed towards these exhibitions, collaborating with students from other courses across various venues in the city.

Below are some images of what some of them were up to last week…

Level 4: Permeated, Perplexities, Perpetuated @ Caustic Coastal

The Art History and Curating students chose three themes for over 100 Fine Art students to respond to: Accidents Happen, Beauty and Place.

We had the entire venue to exhibit, and one day to install, so there was a hive of activity on day one..

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We opened the exhibition doors to the public on day two, with a closing event in the evening which allowed the students to enjoy themselves and reflect on their hard work.

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Level 5: Identical Lunch @ Grosvenor Gallery and Isokon @ Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Identical Lunch was an exhibition exploring adventures in food, eating, cultural creativity and the recent upsurge in food fetishism.

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Isokon: Our curating students worked with artists and designers from textiles, 3D deisgn, Illustration, Photography, and Interactive Arts.
Contemporary takes on the Isokon building – a centre for intellectual life in the 1930’s and 40’s. Created as an experiment in minimalist urban living its famous residents included influential Bauhaus émigrés, spies and Agatha Christie.


Level 6: Dreams Never End @ Rogue Artists’ Studios Project Space

Dreams Never End is an exploration into the role of artists in the redevelopment of urban spaces and the rebranding of post-industrial cityscapes.

As one of Manchester’s last standing, still intact and repurposed industrial complexes, the Grade II listed Crusader Mill in Ancoats provides a backdrop of rich historical and cultural heritage. Exhibiting from the project space alongside Rogue Artists’ Studios as they plan their relocation from the Mill to new, suburban premises, Manchester School of Art’s final-year Art History & Curating students interrogate how an evolving sense of place can affect a symbiotic relationship between a city and its emerging artists.

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A huge congratulations to our Art Theory & Practice students for all their hard work and producing some really engaging exhibitions last week!


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