Snapshot Pop Up Show

The first and second year Art History and Art History & Curating students put together a pop up show in the Grosvenor Gallery today, as part of their Professional Practice module. This was an exercise in organising various exhibition elements such as spatial layout, vinyl text, and additional exhibition material.

Snapshot is a collaboration between first and second year Art History and Art History & Curating students as an opportunity to show what we have currently been working on, through the practice of various elements of exhibition making.

The work on show is a collection of current work by Fine Artists, which has been organized and displayed by the Curating students. These are shown alongside texts and exhibition material (including digital 3D exhibition models) which have been devised and produced by Art History and Curating students, showcasing their own theoretical themed exhibitions.

In addition, quotes from artists and art historians have been selected which reflect some key taught elements from the course.

The day began with an introduction to equipment and tools by Martin Dexter, the gallery technician.

Various install shots of the group working together on various tasks.


Images of the Snapshot.


..And some of the team at the end. Well done all!



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