FEAST Workshop

First year Art History and Curating students took part in a workshop led by Elisa Oliver and Laura Mansfield, the directors of FEAST, a journal which explores, art, culture and food.

During the workshop the students explored works by artists that engage with food, including Bompass and Parr; Marina Abramovic; Gordon Matta Clark; Paul McCarthy; and Fluxus artists Alison Knowles and Bonnie Stewart. They considered the significance of and varied roles food and its associated acts hold within our everyday lives, whilst reflecting on Susannah Worth’s statement from Digesting Recipes (2015):

“Food has long been used in art, not merely to evoke abundance or beauty, but to critique, interpret and intervene in fundamental aspects of life and society.”

Elisa and Laura gave the students a range of foods and asked them to curate a salad, document the process, and produce a recipe or set of instructions to follow to make their salad. This enabled the students to directly engage with concerns surrounding negotiation in collaboratively-made artwork.

For more information about FEAST visit their website here.

Please join FEAST on the 3 February, 6-8pm at Special Collections, Sir Kenneth Green Library, Manchester Metropolitan University for an introduction to the forthcoming programme with refreshments and readings from the Library’s Home Studies Collection.


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