Creative & Critical Thinking study day

The Art History department hosted a Creative & Critical Thinking day for 16-20 year olds this week. We offered an opportunity for local A Level students to visit the Art School and get an insight into what is on offer as an Art History undergraduate, and to participate in various practical workshops.

The day began with Zoe Watson, assistant curator of the Holden Gallery, discussing the role of a curator and how she pursued this career after graduating with an Art History and Fine Art degree. This was shortly followed with a tour of the Holden Gallery and its current exhibition Model Behaviour.

Rosemary Shirley, an Art History & Curating lecturer at the School of Art, led a Critical and Creative Workshop whilst in the Holden Gallery. Rosemary encouraged participants to examine particular artworks and discuss placement and appropriation of these works within the gallery in situ.

In the afternoon session the group visited Manchester Art Gallery where we were met by curator Kate Jesson who led a tour of the exhibition Absent Presence. This was followed by a second workshop directed by Art History lecturer Simon Faulkner, who asked the group to examine a selection of works on show in Manchester Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

A big thanks to all those that contributed to the day, and to everyone who joined in with the days’ activities! You can find further information about the Art History, Fine Art and Curating courses via our website here.


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