Double Book Launch

Members of Art Theory and Practice Staff, Rosemary Shirley and Simon Faulkner will celebrate the launch of their new books next Monday, 9th November.

All Welcome, details below:

Double Book Launch, Monday 9th November, 5.15 – 6.30pm,
Holden Gallery, Grosvenor Building, Manchester School of Art, Cavendish Street, Manchester
Wine and soft drinks will be served

book cover b56084605f9b294c2612d2ed3c52fe1c

Rosemary Shirley, Rural Modernity, Everyday Life and Visual Culture,
Ashgate Publishing, 2015
Through the lens of the everyday, this book explores ‘the countryside’ as an inhabited and practised
realm with lived rhythms and routines. It relocates the topography of everyday life from its habitually
urban focus, out into the English countryside. The rural is often portrayed as existing outside of
modernity, or as its passive victim. Here, the rural is recast as an active and complex site of modernity,
a shift which contributes alternative ways of thinking the rural and a new perspective on the everyday.

Simon Faulkner & David Reeb, Between States, Black Dog Publishing,
Between States addresses relationships between aesthetics and politics through the exploration of
different locations and political conditions. The book focuses on the complex geography of
Israel/Palestine, where borders and the nature of political statehood remain unresolved. The title
‘Between States’ refers to the unfinished political nature of this area, while also describing the
condition of in-between-ness defined by the book itself as it shifts from artistic concerns to more
explicitly political subjects.

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