Art History Lecturer Dani Child in conversation with Artwash author Mel Evans at the Whitworth Gallery This Week.

This Thursday 25th June,  I will be in conversation with Liberate Tate member and author of Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts (Pluto Press, 2015) at the Whitworth Gallery’s Thursday Late event. Evans has spent the last 5 years organising and participating in creative actions at British cultural institutions, including Tate galleries, to highlight the problematic relationship between public art collections and big oil sponsorship. I will be speaking with Evans about the latest Liberate Tate action at Tate Modern – Time Piece – asking what happened when the Tate closed its doors to the public, and why performative practice is affective in the struggle for ethical gallery sponsorship.

Time Piece (:  Video via The Guardian ‘Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall daubed with graffiti by protesters against BP sponsorship’

For more info about the Whitworth event on Thursday 25th June, 7pm:



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