Students Celebrate New Publication

The Art School Illustrated Team: Kellie Craig (Editor in Chief), Matthew Hardy (Creative Director) and Jon Bottomly (Artist Liason and Associate Editor)

The first issue of a new critical journal, written, edited and produced by Contemporary Art History students, was successfully launched last week.

Art School Illustrated was inspired by a similiar publication produced by students at Manchester School of Art over 100 years ago, which the team viewed in MMU’s Special Collections. It detailed the activities of students at the school in the late 1800s, including amateur dramtic productions and articles on leading topics of the day such as the controversy around artists using photography!


Illustrated Notes 1897

The first issue of Art School Illustrated takes the theme of Flux as its starting point and includes several articles on the nature of change, and bodies and spaces in the process of transformation. It also features interviews with artists, curators, present and paast students from Manchester School of art together with exhibition reviews.


Art School Illustrated Launch, including specially designed cakes.

 For extra Art School Illustrated online content or to find out more about the publication go to


About Art Theory and Practice

BA Contemporary Art History Manchester School of Art

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