Radical Architecture

In a crossover from my PhD at the Sheffield School of Architecture I recently interviewed George Mills a founder member of the 1970s radical architecture action group the Architects Revolutionary Council (more details on the AA website, and on Spatial Agency) George was kind enough to give me amongst other things a original copy of two of the ARCs posters from 1974. Pictured here.

The first, “If Crime Doesn’t Pay…” shows the symbol of the RIBA clasped in the talons of a Nazi eagle.
Whilst the second “His Master’s Voice” shows the RIBA and architects more generally as being enthral to big business, parodying the famous image of the small dog and the gramophone now better known as the logo and name of the record shop HMV.

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If Crime Doesn't Pay...His Master's Voice


About Michael Coates

Michael is a Principal Lecturer for Contextual Studies at the Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, and a PhD student in architecture history at the Univeristy of Sheffield.

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